Get Outside. Take Better Pictures

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Students in our workshop practice their new photography skills

GET THE FULL POTENTIAL from the camera you carry with you all the time: Your smartphone! Turn your mobile device into an essential tool for creating compelling images by taking our smartphone Photo Workshop on Foot to photograph downtown Raleigh sights.


Today’s smartphone cameras match and often exceed the quality of traditional consumer point-and-shoots. Combine that quality with their at-your-fingertips accessibility and irresistible ease of use, and it’s no wonder they’re the must-have tool for consumer digital photography.

How do you use the camera in your smartphone (or tablet) to turn grab-and-go snapshots into beautiful photographs? That’s what we’ll teach you in our Photo Workshops on Foot. Not only will you learn photo tips from a pro, but you’ll put your newly acquired creative skills to work during the class.

With the information you’ll learn in our Photo Workshops, you’ll get the practical knowledge needed to transform you into a better photographer with today’s most essential consumer photography tool, your smartphone.


Learn to think like your camera thinks!
Shoot with a steady hand
Understand the benefits and limitations of smartphone cameras
See how HDR (high dynamic range) images can enhance your photos

Learn the fundamentals of composition
See how color influences the emotional quality of a photograph
Create suspense or tranquility in your photos
Understand varying perspectives and depth of field
Learn the limitations of your camera’s flash and use it to your advantage
Use varying angles for different effects
Workshop Requirements

Bring your own smartphone (or tablet) to the workshop and wear comfortable walking shoes. This class is designed with the iPhone in mind, but most information will be applicable to any modern smartphone (or tablet) with a good camera.


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Before he moved to Raleigh in 2008 to open Triangle Glides, the first and only authorized Segway tour company and dealership in the Triangle, Todd lived in Southern California where he studied photography at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He then embarked on a two-decade career as AAA’s staff travel photographer, shooting for AAA travel guides, and Westways and Journey magazines. His assignments took him all over the world, from the continental U.S. (twice to document iconic Route 66), Alaska and Hawaii, to Canada, Mexico, South America and Europe. Today, when he’s not in his Raleigh shop, you’ll find Todd in the field capturing life’s moments with his iPhone 5s. Todd lives what he preaches and has put away his heavy, bulky Nikon in favor of the amazing iPhone that’s always in his pocket.


One 90-minute workshop $35 per person ($35.99 with booking fee)

Minimum of 4 people (maximum of 25)

How To Book Your Photo Workshop

Our 90-minute walking photo workshops are special events and do not appear on our regular calendar. If you are interested in booking a workshop, please contact us at 919-828-1988 or click on the above “Contact us” button.

Our Photo Workshops can accommodate large groups and they make great team-building outings! The walking route covers approximately 1 mile.